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Any limits?

Unlimited recording. Record as long as you want and as many times as you want.


Where are my recordings?

The recordings are stored locally or in iCloud.


How to save recordings on Windows PC?

1.Tap “Settings”-“Wi-Fi file sharing”, then visit the “IP Address” by using a browser on your computer.

2.Connect the iPhone to the computer via USB, and then use the “File sharing” function to save all recordings on the computer.

3.Save recordings in iCloud, then log in “” on the computer. You can access these recordings in your iCloud and view the deleted recordings in the “Deleted recently” item.

4.Use “Save to Camera Roll” function to save the recording to “Photos”, then connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and open “File Explorer” - “Apple iPhone”, you can find the recordings in mp4 format here.


How to record automatically on launch?

“Settings” - “Auto-Record”.


How to make a scheduled recording?

Tap the “Start Recording at the Scheduled time” button then tap “Record” button to set the scheduled time and start recording according to the plan.


How to share recordings with friends?

Tap “Edit” on the top right corner and select the recordings, then tap “Action” button and then tap the “Share” option.


How to trim?

Tap a recording then “Waveform”then tap “Trim” on the lower right corner.


How to use the voice recorder as an Audio Player?

Tap “Edit” on the top right corner and select the recordings to add into playlist. Tap play and select the play mode through tap the “play mode” button.


Share great voice recorder with friends and try other great voice recorders.

Share the great voice recorder with your friends by “Settings” - “Tell friends” and download another great voice recorder by “Settings” - “More”.