Voice Recorder - Mac


Is there a time limit for app use?
No it isn’t .
Is the file automatically deleted?
No it isn’t. The file will be always saved unless the app is uninstalled.
How to set the scheduled time recording?
Click the arrow next to the recording buttonand select "Start recording at planned time"Enter schedule time setting.
How to set the recording mode ?
Push the buttonand then select the format.
How to sync a file between iPhone iPad and Macbook ?
Click on “iCloud drive” tab and start recording,Recorded files will automatically sync to iCloud drive, open the same app on other devices, you will find just recorded files in the “iCloud drive” tab.
How to quickly pause or stop recording?
Left click on the finder icon or right click on the dock icon to make a selection.
How to set the threshold of the background sound when recording?
Push the button“Record Only When Speaking”you will able to set the threshold of the background sound when recording?.