Voice Recorder


Is there a time limit for app use?
No it isn’t .
Is the file automatically deleted?
No it isn’t. The file will be always saved unless the app is uninstalled.
How to backup files to the windows system computer?
  1. Save files to camera roll,Connect to your computer via usb,then open the new added hard drive and copy files to your computer,all done.
  2. Install “iTunes” on your computer and then you can use “iTunes file sharing”backup your files.
  3. First connect to wi-fi, Then push the “Wi-Fi file sharing” tab in the settings, open a browser on your computer, enter the ip address and open, download the file for backup.
What to do if I forget the password?
Backup your files first,this is important,and then reinstall the app.You can connect your iPhone to your computer via usb.Open iTunes on your computer select your iPhone and backup your files.
How to sync a file between iPhone iPad and Macbook ?
Click on “iCloud drive” tab and start recording,Recorded files will automatically sync to iCloud drive, open the same app on other devices, you will find just recorded files in the “iCloud drive” tab.
How to edit a file quickly?
Slide your finger to left on the fileThen click on the button for quick editing.
How to set the scheduled time recording?
Push the timed button and click on the record button ,then you can set the scheduled time.
How to cut and save a portion of a recording file?
Select the file and click on the buttonSelect “Trim” tab in the “more”tab.Edit your file in the editing interface.done,push the cut button.
How to convert recorded voice to text and send it to another app?
Select the file and click on the button then select “text”item and wait for conversion to complete .click on the buttonin the bottom left corner,select the app you needed at last.
How to change the sound speed of a file and save it?
Select the file and click on the buttonClick on “Change speed” tab in the “more”tab,select the speed you needed. all done.
How to increase the volume of a file and save it?
Select the file and click on the button Select “Increase volume” tab in the “more”tab,select the tab you needed. all done.
Can I use the app as a player?
Enjoy it now.
I am a professional writer and reporter, I need more professional functions.
Push "More" in the setting tabs, install and use the“Voice Notes” appThere are more professional features that will help you work better.
I just want a simple recording tool without so many complex functions.
Push "More" in the setting tabs, install and use the“Basic Recorder” appit’s easier to use.